Fabric Banners

May 17, 2018



Fabric banners are the perfect craft for any occasion! Whether it be for something special such as Christmas, Easter or a birthday, or to display your favourite inspirational quote, or even just for fun!

Banners are a great craft for kids and adults to create - and the finished product will always be unique.


Tips for making your fabric banner!

·         If your banner is wrinkled from being in the packaging – give it a quick iron before you start.

·         Draw or find an image for your banner. Cut the image out of the felt provided.

·         Stitch or glue your pieces on – or use a combination of both

·         Use the embroidery thread to stitch details or to make a pom-pom or a tassel

·         Cut the bottom of your banner to give a triangular or curved shape

·         Use beads to string on your hanging thread, or hang some down the side. Beads can also be painted!

·         Use the dowel provided to thread through the top of your banner, or use a stick from the garden to give a more natural look!

·         Add paint or glitter for extra fun!



The following are some pictures of some kids banner workshops we held at The Little Craft House.







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