Jewellery Projects: 5 Ways to Make Pretty Bangles

February 2, 2017



Looking to create some unique jewellery? Well look no further than our Wood Bangles! They are so versatile - the only limit to them is your imagination!


Here are 5 of my favourite ideas for making pretty bangles!


Wrapped Bangle: I love the way things look when they have been wrapped! For this bangle I used black and white Bakers Twine. (bangles and twine available in my store)

**Tip: Keep the twine tight as you wrap,  

Remember when you wrap your bangle, the inner circle will become smaller - so choose a larger size bangle for this project.



Painted Bangle: Choose your favourite colours to paint your bangle!

**Tip: When painting straight lines - use washi-tape to get a crisp edge.


 Stickered Bangle: Let your inner child come out and have fun decorating with stickers! I chose to paint the bangle first then added the stickers.

**Tip: Seal the bangle (with varnish, resin or sealer) once done to hold the stickers on and make it more durable.


 Glitter Bangle: To create this bangle, I first applied an undercoat of silver paint. I then painted the bangle with glue and rolled it in glitter.

**Tip: Use a sealer over the glitter to hold it on and stop it from falling off (and leaving sparkles every where!)


 Decoupage Bangle: This bangle was decoupaged using glue and newspaper. Tear your newspaper into tiny pieces and coat the paper completely in glue as you apply.

Tip: You can decoupage with any paper. Thinner ones are the best choice. If you choose newspaper - be sure to use happy stories - so you have nice words around your wrist!


There's my favourite ideas! Have any other ideas? Let me know! And if you've made some your self - I'd love to see! Post a picture to my Facebook page or tag #tlchmakes on Instagram!


Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Crafting!


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