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Painting Beads

Painting wood beads is the best way to make a unique and personalised necklace!

There is so many creative possibilities - let your imagination go crazy!

What you'll need:

a selection of natural wood beads

Good quality paint (I chose to use a selection by DecoArt)

Variety of paintbrushes


Bamboo skewers

A box or jar to use for drying the beads

Painting wood beads - the supplies you need.

Tips for painting your beads:

- Thread your beads onto a bamboo skewer, separating each bead with the washi-tape.

- Use good quality paint and paintbrushes to give the best coverage

- Paint your beads using a variety of techniques - solid colours, multi-coloured, half painted

- Washi-tape can also be used to create straight lines on the beads

Painting beads

Pinting the beads pink

- Use a thin paintbrush to paint detailed designs - flowers, polka-dots, crosses

- Once all beads on the skewer are painted, stick the skewer into a box or sit in in a jar - ensure wet beads don't touch each other

drying the wood beads

- Once beads are dry, remove the washi-tape and the beads

bowl of painted wood beads

- Now you can make your jewellery!

Painted wood beads

Have fun making your beads!

Happy Crafting!


**This post was a collaboration with Shamrock Australia

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