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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day Crafts

I am always terrible at getting myself organised for gifts. Whether it be for Christmas, Birthdays, Fathers Day or Mothers Day, I am reaaallllly bad at leaving the gifts until last minute!

So. I thought I would get a bit of a head start this year on Mothers Day, and start making, as well as giving you guys some ideas too.

So here's some of my favourite little ideas for handmade Mothers Day gifts!

Button Jewellery

These little earrings are super cute. They can be made by simply gluing the earring posts onto your chosen button, or other embellishment!

Make sure you chose a strong glue that is suitable for jewellery making such as E6000 or Jewellery Bond.

Also, I find it best to leave glue to dry for at least a week (even if the instructions say 3 days!) just to ensure it dries and holds firm.

Button Earrings can also be teamed up with a button necklace or bracelet!

Beaded Key Rings

Have fun making mum a beaded key ring with her favourite colours! You can use natural wood beads and paint them, or choose from our pre-painted range.

Use a range of styles to create a unique on-of-a-kind design!

Beaded Lanyard

Beaded Lanyard

Lanyards are perfect for teachers, professionals, or anyone wanting to keep their keys handy.

Use a breakaway clasp on the end to ensure a quick release if pulled.

You can also personalise both the key rings and lanyards with our range of silicone alphabet cubes.

Scrabble Frame

Scrabble Frames

Scrabble tile frames are certainly a favourite of mine. They can be as simple or as complex as you like.

Mix it up a bit, by adding photo's or a special message for mum.

Our store also stocks coloured tiles if your looking to be a bit different!

Button Flowers

Button Flowers

Button flowers are a great way to display all those favourite buttons that mum has been keeping in her stash!

Simply use a pipe cleaner (chenille stick) to layer the buttons on!

Watch below, as I have a little crafty chat whilst making these button flowers! (and please don't judge the messy craft room! I've been too busy crafting to clean it up!

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully we are all a little more prepared for Mothers Day now!

Happy Crafting!


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