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Macrame Angel

With Christmas just around the corner - it's a perfect time to use up your macrame scraps! This Macrame Angel can use different coloured and thicknesses of cord, along with any spare beads you have at home.

What you need:

2 beads (one for the head, one for the body)


2 x cords for arms/legs – 1 x 40cm, 1 x 50cm (these cords can be thicker cords)

Different coloured cord for hair and skirt (thinner cords can work well for this)

String to hang

What to do:

Thread your head bead onto the centre of your arm / leg cord leaving a slight loop

(if you wish to hang your angel tie a string to the top of the loops)

Add your hair cords through the loops, then push the bead up to jam the hair in place.

Thread your body bead onto the leg cords (leaving the arm cords)

Gather the skirt cords and place them between the leg cords.

Use your leg cords to tie a (normal) knot to secure the skirt cords.

Tie a small knot in the ends of each arm and leg to stop those cords from untwisting

Untwist and brush both the skirt cords and hair cords

Trim all cords

Add some feathers into the back of your body bead to give your angel wings.

And your done!

Your beautiful angel is ready to be added to your Christmas tree!

Merry Christmas!

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