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Keeping the Kids Busy (School Holiday fun)

So the school holidays have rolled around and the constant 'I'm Bored' whinge is on replay!

Well I've got some boredom busters to keep them busy (and get their creative juices flowing too!)

Rock Art

This activity is great for any age group!

All you need is:

Rocks ( normal garden rocks or the type you get from Bunnings work great)

Collage materials (buttons, eyes, pom-poms etc)

Markers (Posca Paint Markers are my favourite)

Let the kids go crazy decorating your rocks, making them into different characters or themes. You can add them to your garden, play games with them or give them away as gifts. Also check Facebook to see if there are any 'Rock Groups' in your area. These groups are all about painting rocks to hide and find! ( In WA we have 'WA Rocks' 'SOR Rocks' and 'NOR rocks'

Spinning Tops

Spinning Tops

This is a great little activity for recycling plastic bottle caps.

You need:

Plastic bottle caps

Tooth picks (with a point), or used matchsticks


Metal Kitchen Skewer

Trace around the bottle caps onto a piece of paper. The kids can decorate these circles, then carefully push them into the bottle caps. Using a metal kitchen skewer (or something with a hard point) pierce a hole through the bottle caps. Insert your match stick or tooth pick. Use a piece of sticky tape to secure if needed.

Tick - Tack - Toe

Transform things around home into game pieces for Tick - Tack - Toe.

You need:

10 game pieces (buttons, bottle caps, stones etc)

Paint pens or stickers

Bag or similar for game board

Create your game pieces by either drawing or using stickers. I have used old buttons for my game pieces. Make sure you have 2 sets of 5 pieces.

I created my game board with a draw string bag and tape. You could also draw this on. Bags or boxes are great as you can store your pieces in there when not in use.

Pressing Flowers

Remember doing this as a kid?

You just need:



Flower Press or Heavy Books

Collecting flowers and leaves to put in your press is also a great activity! Take a walk around your neighbourhood or to the local park to collect a variety of flowers. Thinner, less bulky flowers work best, but petals and leaves also work well. Simply sandwich your collection between sheets of paper and place in your flower press, or within pages of a heavy book. Place another heavy book on top. Leave them about a week and then reveal your pressed flowers. Flowers can then be used to make cards, pictures or put in a frame!

Hopefully these ideas will inspire the kids to get busy!

Have Fun!

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