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Make a Beaded Sun Catcher

Sun catcher

Beaded sun catchers are a fantastic addition to any home or garden!

All you need is: some spare beads (I use these Glass Lampwork beads),

Thread or cord

A feature stick to hang it from. ( I grabbed one out the garden!)

Glass Lampwork Beads

All you need to do is simply tie a knot, thread on a bead and repeat!

You can add as many or as little beads as you like!

**Tips and tricks - If you'd like to add a rustic feature look to your sun catcher you can incorporate recycled materials such as old cutlery or nuts and bolts.

- You could also use a wire hoop at the top instead of the stick.

- at Christmas you could use baubles and tinsel to make your sun catcher!

Glass Lampwork Bead suncatcher

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