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How to Make a Beaded Star

These beaded stars are the perfect decoration to make to get you in the Christmas spirit- and they are so easy!

What you need:

30 wood beads (for this star I used 14mm beads)

Approximately 1 meter thread (I used 1mm Nylon Cord )

What to do:

Start by threading 12 beads into a circle. Tie the circle tightly leaving 1 piece of thread long and approximately 15-20cm of thread on the shorter side. If you find it difficult to thread, try burning the end of the thread to give it a hard tip.

Start building your stars points by threading 3 beads onto the long strand of thread.

Take the end and thread it back through bead number 3 of your circle - emerging on the other side.

Continue this pattern around the circle until you reach back to the start.

Pull your thread tight and tie your strands together to secure.

To make the hanging loop for your star - thread one piece of thread through bead A again, and thread the other piece through bead C.

Tie together at the top.

You have now completed your star!

(see below for tips and tricks I learnt along the way!)

Beaded Star Tutorial

Tips and Tricks:

- If using beads larger than 20mm you may need to thread wire through the star to help it keep shape. I made a star using 35mm beads and found the weight made it sag without the wire.

- To give your star a pop of colour - paint your beads first using a good quality paint.

- Stars can be hung on your Christmas tree, as a decoration around your house, or use as part of your gift wrapping to pretty up a pressie!

- Stars could also be added to a wood bead garland.

- You could also try making a star out of tiny beads (for example seed beads) to create some unique jewellery.

Happy Crafting!


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