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Make Your Own Dream Catcher

Make your own Dream Catcher

Dream catchers make a gorgeous and sweet addition to any bedroom.

It has been said that dream catchers will catch any bad dreams in their web, and allow the good dreams to flow through the gaps, and down the hanging tails to the child (or adult) sleeping.

This tutorial is super simple and will enable you to make your own unique dream catcher for yourself!

You will need the following:

Craft Supplies

1 Embroidery Hoop

Embroidery Cotton

Plastic Needle

1 Crochet Doily

Selection of Trims


Beads / Feathers / other embellishments (optional)

How to make your Dream Catcher:

Take your embroidery hoop and separate it into the 2 pieces. You will be working with the inner hoop to start with.

Next, take your embroidery thread. The length you require will depend on how many weaved strands you want between your doily and hoop. I used approximately 2m when making the pink dream catcher.

Tie this securely to the top of your hoop. Be aware that we will need to untie this later.

Now you can start stitching your doily to the hoop. Weave your thread at even spacing around the hoop and the doily. I used every second hole in the doily.

This may be a little hard to work with at first, but don’t worry about the placement of the doily or the tension of the stitching yet.

Securing your doily to the hoop

Once you’ve stitched around the whole hoop, place it on a flat surface. Manoeuvre the doily to the desired position in the hoop. Firmly press on the doily to hold it in place with one hand, whilst using your other hand to tighten the threads. Start at the top secured thread and work your way around.

When you reach the back to the top and are happy with the placement of your doily and tension in your threads, untie your secured knot and tie the two loose ends together and trim extra thread.

You can place the outer hoop back over the inner hoop and tighten using the screw at the top.

To add the tails of your dream catcher, you can use trims such as ribbon, strings, wool or plain or crochet lace.

Pass the trims through the gaps in your threads and tie them.

You can choose to leave them long or cut them short. You could even cut them on an angle for a different look.

Dream Catcher Tails

Use a piece of left over thread to tie around the screw to hang your dream catcher.

Other Tips and Hints:

- decorate the outer hoop by wrapping in fabric, ribbon or painting

- add beads or feathers to the tail

- add a laser cut shape as an embellishment! (we've got some here)

Congratulations! You have now created your very own unique dream catcher!

For other supplies please see my website or head over to my Facebook page:

www.thelittlecrafthouse.com.au www.facebook.com/thelittlecrafthouseaus

Happy Crafting!

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