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Make Your Own Felt Cactus!

Make your own Felt Cactus

These felt cacti are fun and easy to make!

All you need is:

A Piece of felt (green) Cactus template

Embroidery thread Plant pot

Sewing needle Small pebbles

Scissors Stuffing/Filling

Pins (optional) Small pieces of extra felt (optional for flowers)

and glue (optional).

How to make your cactus:

Choose the cactus design you would like to make and cut a template out to the size you would like your cactus to be. (the size may differ depending on the size of your plant pot)

Cactus Templates

Fold your green felt in half, and either trace the cactus design, or pin the template onto it.

Cut your cactus out. You will now have the back and front piece.

Cutting out template

Separate the two pieces (remembering which is the outer sides!) Using a contrasting colour embroidery thread, stitch your spikes onto cactus.

You can also add any embellishments such as flowers at this stage.

Stitching on the spikes

Put your cactus back together with the decorated sides facing out. Stitch around the outside – using a thread colour similar to the cactus. Leave the bottom open ready for stuffing.

Stitching the Cactus

When stuffing into your cactus, you may need to use the blunt end of a chopstick or pen to help push it to the edges.

Stitch the base of the cactus closed. It is now ready for potting!

Place your cactus into the plant pot. You may choose to glue the base in to stop it from moving. (This is optional.)

Use your left over stuffing to fill your pot and keep the cactus secure. Tightly pack this in.

You can now add the decorational rocks to the top. If you wish to keep the rocks from moving around - mix them in a small container with craft glue first. Once all coated, poor them into your plant pot. Once dry they should stick together and not move loosely around! (this is what I do as I take my examples to the markets with me!)

Tightly pack stuffing around cactus in pot

with pebbles

You will now have your very own unique cactus!

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Have fun crafting!

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