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Creating the Perfect Necklace

What can at first seem like a simple project - creating the perfect necklace can become quite complex!

Sometimes it's best not to put too much thought into it - other times though, preparation is important!

So for those more thought out projects here are some tips to help get you started!

1. Select the right cord.

At The Little Craft House, we offer a large selection of cords in many different colours. See our current range of cords and accessories here.

Necklace Cord Comparison

For necklaces, I personally recommend using either Chain, Faux Suede or the 2mm Nylon.

I find the cords such as Bakers Twine and Hemp cord too rough for necklaces.

Cord Tips: Faux Suede: cut the end on an angle for easier threading

Chain: This can be cut with scissors to make shorter (use old scissors at it may

make them blunt if you do it too often!)

Nylon and Korean Wax: Burn the end of this cord to create a hard tip. This will stop

fraying and make it easier to thread.

Bakers Twine and Hemp Cord: Although not recommended for necklaces - if

you are threading with these cords, wrap a small amount of sticky tape on the end to

help stop fraying.

2. Selecting Beads

We have a large range of beads in our store. We stock silicone, wood, glass and polymer. See here.

When choosing your beads, think about the colours and styles you like. Think about the colours you wear and what outfits you will be wearing it with.

Don't be afraid to be different. Sometimes the combinations I'm not quite sure about, end up being my favourite!

Geometric Beads, Faux Suede and Natural Wood Beads

Bead Tips: Use a combination of bead types to create fun and unique necklace

Natural wood beads can be painted or dyed

Silicone beads are washable and odourless

Silicone beads are flexible and with some pressure can have cord thread through

them multiple times

3. Finishing your necklace

Once you've threaded your necklace and it's time to tie off, you have a few choices.

Breakaway clasps are a great safety feature for necklaces or lanyards that may be pulled. They hold quite tight, but with pressure will 'snap' apart. They can easily be re-joined. They work best paired with Nylon or Korean Wax. (2mm Nylon is pictured)

How to use Breakaway Clasps

A simple slip knot on Faux Suede works well. Over time Faux Suede may stretch slightly, so an adjustable finish is always good, so you can keep it to the desired length.

Faux Suede Slip Knot


You should now have yourself the perfect necklace!

If you'd like to show off your creation please post a pic over on my Facebook page, or #tlchmakes on Instagram!

Ill leave you with a few inspiration pics of necklaces I've created.

Happy Crafting!

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