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French Knitting Doll

French Knitting Tutorial

Hand up if you have fond memories of French Knitting as a kid! I sure do! So I couldn't resist adding these cuties to our store! * please note these are currently only available in our Etsy Store

French knitting (also known as Spool Knitting or Corking) is a great way to learn a simple knit. You will be able to make a long thin cord which can then be used in a number of different projects!

All you need is your Knitting Doll. needle and wool.

This project is great if you have a bunch of wool scraps lying around! I find that 2mts of wool will knit into approximately 12cm of cord. You can, of course, join pieces of wool together to allow you to change the colour (more on that later).

Getting Started

Start by threading the end of the wool through your doll.

Use one hand to securely hold the doll and this piece of thread (the tail) and with your other hand, loop the wool firmly around each of the nails. Do this twice so you have 2 rows.

How to French Knit with a Knitting Doll
How to start your French Knitting

You can now release the tail to hang from the bottom of the doll and secure the top thread with your thumb instead.

Using your needle, gently lift the bottom loop up and over the top loop to begin your knitting. Do this with all four loops on your doll.

Starting your knit

Gently give the tail a tug. This will keep your knitting tight.

Now thread another round of loops, and lift the bottom over the top again.

At the end of each 4, give the wool tail a gentle tug. As you continue, the knitted tube will eventually emerge!

knitting emerging

If you are using small lengths of wool – or wish to change the colour of your wool, simply tie two pieces together, and when this join reaches the top of the doll, simply push the join into the middle of the tube, and continue as normal.

Casting off

To cast off, you need to just have the one set of loops on the doll.

Lift the loop from one nail, removing it by placing it over the nail next to it.

This nail will now have two loops – so you lift the bottom over the top (like a normal stitch)

Now you are left with the one loop again – place it on the next nail along. Again, loop the bottom over the top. Continue until you only have the one loop on the last nail left.

Knitting casting off

If your main thread is still joined to the ball of wool – cut it off leaving about 10cm to work with.

You need to pass this loose piece of thread through the last loop on the nail.

You can now remove the last loop. (The new tail may need a slight pull to tighten the knot you’ve just created.)

And that’s it! You’ve created your French Knit!

Completed knitting

What to do with your knitting!

This is the important bit! Why not make a necklace, or bracelet? Or if you've created a really long piece, you could coil it up to make a table centre or floor mat! You may even like to pass a piece of wire through it to enable you to bend it into a word!

LOVE made from a French Knitting cord

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Happy Crafting!

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