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Beaded Garland with Tassel - DIY

Bead Garland with Hessian Tassel

Beaded Garlands are the perfect way to add a touch of style to any space. They are super easy to make - and can be as simple or complex as you like!

You can use a combination of bead sizes and shapes, colours and patterns to create a unique focus piece.

We sell a large range of both natural wood beads and coloured wood beads in our store, as well as a large range of cords.

To make my Garlands I chose to use hemp cord and a mixture of wood beads (sizes 20mm, 25mm and 30mm)

Start with tying a loop at the top. This will be your loop for hanging your garland.

When threading your garland you can either opt for a random threading of beads, or you can plan out a pattern. You may even like to paint the beads to give a 'pop' of colour to your creation.

Threading a beaded garland

Bead Garland with random coloured beads

As you come to the end of threading the garland. You can either leave a length of thread for adding a tassel, or tie another loop if you would like to hang it from both ends.

If adding a Tassel - here is how I like to make them.

Hemp Cord Tassel DIY

Step 1: Wind the cord into a circular bundle leaving a tail of approximately 20cm at the end. ( I like to wind it around my hand)

Step 2: Use the tail to wrap tightly the top of the tassel.

Step 3: Pass the end under to secure (you may need to use a needle if it is too tight to pass through.)

Step 4: Cut the loops at the bottom to finish your tassel!

When adding a tassel - simply thread the tail cord through the loops at the top of your tassel and secure by tying a knot.

I then either thread the remainder of the tail back up into the garland or down into the tassel. Of course you could always just cut it off! Whatever works best for you!

Joining the tassel to the garland

And now you should have yourself a perfectly unique garland!

Garland on Shelf

Got left over cord and beads? Why not make a Mini-Tassel!


**Please be aware when using your garland, not to hang or display above sleeping areas or in reach of young children. Loose components pose a choking risk so should also be stored out of reach.

Happy Crafting!

Nic x

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