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Top 3 Wood Animal Projects

How cute are these little wooden animals!?!

When they first arrived I was so excited - my mind boggled with all the little crafty projects they could be used for! So I had to restrain myself and limit my projects otherwise there would be none left for you guys to buy! (these are currently only available in store)

So here is my top 3 projects with the wood animals.

Bird Mobile Hanger

Number 1: A bird mobile hanger is the first project I thought of doing when I ordered these shapes. They look so lovely with the combination of natural and painted wood.

Wooden Animal Fridge Magnet

Number 2: Does anyone else have a little obsession with fridge magnets? Because I do! And by simply gluing a pretty cabochon in the centre hole - they make a cute and unique addition to any fridge!

Wood animal Pin Cushion

Number 3: A few years ago I entered a competition to create a pincushion. Since then I look at everything in a different light - judging the item on its ability to be transformed into a pin cushion! These shapes rate well! And the little hedgehog is just perfect!

If you would like to create your own little wooden animal project - why not grab yourself a set!

And if you've been busy creating and would love to show off your makes - be sure to #tlchmakes

Have fun crafting!

** Please note - due to the size of these animals - they are unsuitable to be used for making baby / teething products. (they are too small and would pose a choking hazzard)

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