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Selling your handmade goodies!

So you've been working your butt off making stuff and now you want to sell your things to make some money to buy more supplies to make more stuff! Am I right? Maybe you can sell enough stuff to make a few extra $$ How awesome would that be? So where to start...? Good question! I've got the answers!

So there is a few ways you can sell your goods.

1. Markets.

Markets are fantastic for getting your name out there, networking,

customer feedback and getting experience. Even if you sell nothing

(unfortunately that sometimes happens) take note and remember those good things.

Here in Perth we have no shortage of good markets to attend.

When starting out I recommend you look for a market that you've heard of. Someone who has a bit of a name in the market world. School fetes, and street festivals are always good too. These always seem to pull a crowd.

Remember you may not always be accepted for a market, and that's ok. Feel free to email the organiser and ask why. It may be for a really simple reason that you can fix.

If you are selling handmade my main tip is to stay away from things such as swap meets, car boot sales and buy and sell pages (unless they are dedicated to handmade or specific to your customer. I find customers want bargains here and may not be prepared to pay the $$ your products are worth.)

Don't forget to factor the costs of markets into your goods. Market fees can range anywhere from $10 - $100's and sometimes even more.

These fees might sound a little ridiculous - but something I have learn along the way is usually the more the fees are - the more you get. Generally the more pricey ones are in a better location, with more foot traffic. Organisers are usually also providing toilet hire, security, advertising (other than FB), ATM's, entertainment etc.

I always try to visit a market as a customer before becoming a stall holder - just to work out if it is my type of market before I commit the $$.

2. Online.

Online is perfect if you are not a people person, or you simply do not have the time to dedicate to attend a market. Online also has the potential to reach far more who may be looking for your exact item.

Just keep in mind there will still be fees with online selling, so just research your options first and find out what is going to work best for you.

You will also need to take into consideration postage charges. I highly recommend visiting your local post office with a selection of your goods (the bulkiest/ largest /smallest / lightest) to research those postage charges BEFORE the item sells! (and don't worry - every single online seller has undercharged for postage at some point!)

My big tip with online selling is to start your online store with a mother company. You could straight away set up your own e-commerce store - but using an existing store format will be so much easier to start with as the traffic is already there. You will be found much easier as customers already head there with money to spend!

So these are the biggies and my opinions:

Etsy: This is my number 1 pick. Customers head to Etsy to find handmade and unique items. They are happy to pay for quality and uniqueness.

Ebay: Customers go to Ebay to find bargains. if you sell an identical item to someone else, you can only compete in price, so you will have to be willing to go cheaper. Handmade and one of a kind items are slightly different - but I don't find as many people go here to look for handmade.

Made-It : This is an Australian based handmade selling site. This site is great if you only want to sell within Australia (think postage costs and time frames / customs / duties etc if selling over seas). I really like the store layouts and look of Made-it,

3. Facebook and Instagram

Yes, technically FB and Insta should come under 'online' but I'm going to give them there own category! I highly recommend setting up pages for your little businesses as it is a great way to get new potential customers to find you and for you to tempt them into a purchase!

Both these platforms are constantly evolving and now allow you to set up online stores- or link to your existing stores- within your business pages.

Many customers of ours are able to operate and make a good amount of pocket money selling through both Facebook and Instagram.

So that's the starting basics for selling your goods!

So get making - get listing - and get selling!


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