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Buttons Galore! A DIY Christmas Wreath for Button Lovers!

Button Wreath Tutorial

Do you love buttons as much as me?? And do you have a rather large stash that you cant bring yourself to use?

Well I have the perfect project for you to use up your buttons and enjoy them for many years to come!

This Button Wreath is going to become a special part of our Christmas tradition.

If you'd like to make one too - here's how I made it!

What you need:

A stash of buttons (lots of different sizes)

3-4 reels of sewing pins (the type with the little ball on the end)

A foam wreath

Some hessian/burlap or fabric (optional)

What to do:

This first step is optional -Wrap your foam ring in your fabric/burlap/hessian. This will fill any gaps left between buttons.

Make sure you wrap tightly and secure the end with a pin or two.

Wrap the ring in hessian

Next - evenly space your large buttons around the ring. Secure each one with a pin.

Pin your buttons

Add the big buttons first

Then start filling the gaps with the small buttons until your wreath is full!

Fill in the gaps of the Button Wreath

Then your done! A beautiful wreath to enjoy for many years to come!

Finished Handmade Button Wreath

Merry Christmas and Happy Crafting!

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