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Peg People: Garden Friends

Creating your own little garden fairies is a simple and fun project that can be done by anyone! Whether you are a 3 year old creating your very own fairy garden - or an 83 year old getting creative - these are the thing for you!


Buzzy bee was created using a medium sized peg doll. (Set available here)

I painted his body using acrylic paint.

**Tip - use washi-tape to keep the lines straight.

I used felt for the wings and wire for the antennae. A fine tip marker was used to draw on the face.

**Tip - if using pens/markers, avoid drawing directly on the raw wood, as the ink may bleed


This beautiful little butterfly was made using a large peg doll (sets available here)

I sketched the design of her wings onto paper first - to get the size and shape that I liked.

I then used felt and buttons to cut out the wings and make the embellishments.

The hair is made using embroidery thread.

Her face was drawn on using a fine tip marker.

**Tip - avoid drawing directly onto the raw wood (as I did above) as the ink tends to run!


This pretty little Flower Fairy was made using the same techniques as the above fairies,

She is painted with acrylic paint and has felt wings and embroidery thread for her hair.

For the full range of our Peg People supplies - please see The Little Craft House store on Ebay.

And if you make some Peg Fairies of your own - Id love to see them! Pop on over and share your creations on my Facebook or Instagram page! @thelittlecrafthouseaus

And if your looking for more inspiration - you can find more peg people tutorials on my blog! Just look under the Peg People Category!

Happy Crafting!

Nic x

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