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Laser Cut Wood: Painting Straight Lines

Have you ever wondered how to get perfect straight lines on your painted jewellery?

Well it is probably simpler than you think! Theres no need for steady hands and ruled lines-

The answer is Washi-Tape!

Just the same as you would use painters tape on your walls, washi-tape allows you to section of pieces of your jewellery to paint.

There is so many uses for washi-tape, but this has to be my favourite.

How to paint straight lines using washi-tape

Tip- Make sure the edge of the tape is stuck down really well onto your shape!

Washi-tape uses a different type of adhesive to normal tape - so it will remove from your items easily.

Its always good to test first on a spare to make sure it does what it is suppose to!

In the image above I have used 12mm Laser Cut Wood Squares available here, and acrylic paint found in my craft cupboard!

This technique can be applied to any sort of painting! So next time you need to paint a straight line - give it go!

Happy Crafting!


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